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In the beginning

In 1991, with a modestly equipped one ton truck for the onset needs and a 100 square foot Public Storage locker as an fx shop, Tony Lazarowich had started Pacificwest Special Effects Ltd.

Our growth

Today, Pacificwest SPFX Ltd., has two fully equipped twenty-eight foot mobile workshop trailers for the onset needs and operates from a 6000 square foot mechanical effects design, fabrication, rentals and sales facility.
We provide mechanical special effects services to feature films, television series, commercials, music videos and live events.

Our passion

Pacificwest SPFX Ltd can provide your project, rain, snow, smoke, steam, wind, fire, hydraulics, pneumatics, pyrotechnics and rigging. From our 6000 square foot facility, we can provide services in welding, fiberglassing, electronics, vehicle work, woodworking, metal machining work and fabrication.

We offer a full range of mechanical effects equipment rentals and various effects related sales items.


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